Grupo Natura IMB Hotels


Stimulate your 5 senses

At IMB Natura Hotels, we take advantage of the cuisine of Beira Interior in Portugal, using the best products that are closely linked with the Serra da Estrela and its traditions.

We also believe that a good meal is the perfect time to stimulate the five senses: to appreciate all the variety of colours of our products, to smell the aroma of our wines and our freshly cooked dishes, to enjoy the quality and taste of our culinary specialties and to experience the texture of the traditional artisanal bread of the Serra.

Grupo Natura IMB Hotels

Nutrition and healthy food

Our nutritionist together with our chefs have designed healthy menus, along with a culinary offer that is diverse and adapted to food intolerances and specific dietary restrictions, such as celiac, APLV and lactose intolerance or satisfying specific eating patterns (vegan, ovolactovegetarian and others).

We also have the “Gluten free” Certification, in H2otel and Puralã, and also in the Sport Hotel’s breakfast, issued by APC/Biotrab, which certifies the fulfillment of all requirements to satisfy meals in total safety for celiacs and gluten free.

Grupo Natura IMB Hotels

Organic Garden | Biofriendly

Health, nature, and tradition are some of the cornerstones of Natura IMB Hotels.

Inspired by the subsistence farming of our ancestors, we decided to create an innovative concept at the Hotel Lusitânia Congress & Spa, which became the first Biofriendly Hotel in Portugal.

Here, we have 2500 m2 of extensive flower gardens, and an Organic Garden where all the fruits and vegetables grown are used as the main ingredients in all of our group’s restaurants.