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Sports and activities

The Serra da Estrela offers you the opportunity for physical activity and sports. For those who want to get closer to the mountain, there’s a wide range of open-air activities available, but also inside some of our group’s hotels, you’ll find fully equipped gyms where you can stay active.

Grupo Natura IMB Hotels

Cycling & MTB

The Serra da Estrela Natural Park is one of the best areas in the country for cycling. With the aim of supporting sustainability and promoting cycling, the Natura IMB Hotels Group has created specific programmes for cycling and mountain biking lovers with Bikeotel certification.

We also hold Specialised Bike Friendly certification, as we offer specialised infrastructure and services for cyclists, and we aim to be a benchmark for this community.

Grupo Natura IMB Hotels


The Lusitânia, Puralã, and H2otel hotels have a gym that is open every day where you can exercise properly with our GSA.

The Sport Hotel, besides including a gym open 24 hours, is a thematic hotel totally dedicated to sports lovers. Gym Sport Advisors are always available for personalized pre and post-workout advice.

Grupo Natura IMB Hotels

Mountain Summer | Winter

The Serra da Estrela Natural Park offers its visitors the opportunity to explore this incredible destination through various paths and trails that they can hike to be in direct contact with nature, get some fresh air, and feel alive and active, far beyond the snow that decorates the landscape in winter.

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Grupo Natura IMB Hotels

Tennis, squash and padel

The Country Club Covilhã has facilities for sports, specifically tennis and squash courts, all approved for competition.

At H2otel / Aquadome you will also find 2 Padel courts, one tennis court at Hotel Lusitânia and 2 squash courts at the Puralã.