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The destination Serra da Estrela is a comprehensive area with a wide variety of places and tourism routes available that are worth visiting.

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Serra da Estrela

The highest point in mainland Portugal, known as the ‘Tower’ (‘Torre’), at an altitude of 2000 m2, is located in this mountain range. It’s a must-visit location in winter for snow and winter sports lovers.

However, the Serra also offers other delights at other times of the year. In spring, we see the abundance of water in the various hot springs and rivers that have their sources here, of varied plant life that gives more colour to the clearly hard ground, and we see flocks of sheep patiently looked after by shepherds.

Don’t forget to explore the Zêzere glacial valley, as well as the different granite formations that abound in the countryside. This is some of the idyllic scenery offered by the mountain that makes it impossible to remain unmoved.

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Considered the highest city in Portugal, located at an altitude of 1056 m, it’s also known as the ‘five Fs’, adjectives all beginning with F in Portuguese: ‘Rich, Cold, Strong, Loyal, and Beautiful’, which describe its characteristics. A modern city, with hugely interesting historical heritage, among which the Cathedral and the historical walled complex stand out.

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Considered one of the doorways to the Serrada Estrela, Covilhã today is a young and dynamic city thanks to the Universityof Beira Interior, but in the past, it was an important industrial centre producing wool products and an integral stop on the Shepherds’ Transhumance Route. To see this historical past, you can visit the Museum of Wool Factories, opened where the old Royal Cloth Factory, founded in the 18th century on the orders of the Marquis of Pombal, used to be.

It’s located at an altitude of 700 metres, on one of the slopes of the Serra da Estrela, facing East, which allows visitors to appreciate the magnificent landscape surrounding it.

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The Jewish Route

The Jewish people have had a huge influence on the Iberian Peninsula since the founding of Portugal, as they contributed to populating the territory conquered from the Moors, and in exchange, they received royal protection.

The Jewish legacy has especially left its mark on Beira Interior, specifically Trancoso, Guarda, Belmonte, Sabugal, and Covilhã, towns in which we can still see traces today of their presence in the old neighbourhoods and houses where they lived, and where their religious and cultural identity was most notable.



Belmonte: the main centre of the converted Jewish community and still an active Jewish community today. Visit the Beit Eliyahu Synagogue, the Jewish Museum, or take advantage of the kosher services that are offered.

Covilhã: the Jewish heart of Portas do Sol and the influence of converted Jews on the creation of wool factories.

Guarda: the old Jewish neighbourhood next to the town walls where even today, imprints of crosses, as well as houses with narrow and wide doors, can be still be seen.

Trancoso: with its modern Synagogue, but also visible traces of its Jewish past on its historical centre’s medieval buildings, among which the Casa del León de Judá (House of the Lion of Judah) stands out.