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Natura IMB Hotels, five different hotels in the Estrela Geopark.

We care about your wellbeing

Our priority is to provide a relaxing experience, with comfort and tranquility to be able to disconnect from the world and redefine your life’s priorities. Plan your trip with us.

We feel the nature and the culture

Set in the emblematic scenery of Serra da Estrela Nature Park, here we can breathe pure air and meet the essence of this region, enjoy its landscapes and do outdoor activities with a guide, and a la carte or organized tours to discover the Urban Art, the Geopark Estrela or the 12 Historical Villages.

Our commitment to sustainability

All units are supplied with “green” electricity supported by our photovoltaic plants. We privilege endogenous and organic products, with emphasis on our 2500m2 organic garden, being all eco-hotels certified. Our motto has always been “in the present, we take care of the future”.


Serra da Estrela is a magical destination that preserves the essence of the mountain culture. The resilient character of its people has allowed them to maintain centuries-old traditions, to preserve the peacefulness and authenticity of its villages, but also to be able to adapt to modernity, visible in its main cities.

It has a very rich natural heritage, characterized by its altitude and its harsh winters where the mountains are “painted white”, but also by its lush and fertile valleys, where water is a vital element.

Birthplace of shepherds faithful to their roots, but also of notable historical figures who left in search of new worlds.

Serra da Estrela, now a UNESCO heritage site, offers us a thousand and one possibilities, come and discover the ESTRELA GEOPARK!

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